Focus Vieerro

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Focus Vieerro
Focus Veejor
Focus Fanali
Ruminaja Ali
Focus Fancy Lady
Focus Khemadoll
Focus Khemali
Focus Doella
Focus Fascination
Focus Alimus
Ruminaja Ali
Focus Doella
Focus In Fashion
Focus Shali
Focus Fancy Lady


Registered NameFocus Vieerro
SireFocus Veejor  
Other offspring: Focus Audacious, Focus Aveeta, focus Avenjor, Focus Kheanna, Focus Khevallia, Focus Kilani, Focus Pissant, Focus Valencia, Focus Valentino, Focus Valero, Focus Vanessa, Focus Veeanna, Focus Veeanna, Focus Veegente, Focus Veegus, Focus Veejah, Focus Veejette, Focus Veejin Bay, Focus Veejio, Focus Veelour, Focus Veesa, Focus Vejora, Focus Voyager
DamFocus Fascination  
Other offspring: Focus Intrigue, Focus Pretender, Focus Starlet, Focus Veelour, Focus Vejora
Date of birth06/02/04  
Date of death  
AboutThis is a very handsome stallion with a pretty head, great body, lots of trot and tail carriage.  
Full DetailsHe has potential in halter, performance and as a sire. His sire is a Champion Stallion as well as her grandsires and great grandsires. His dam is a very pretty mare that has been one of my best producers. He has a strong pedigree being line-bred to National Champion stallions Ruminaja Ali and Khemosabi as well as The Egyptian Prince.  
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