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Horses For Sale

Gender Color Sire Dam Asking Price Breeding Price
Breeding Status
Date of
Focus Bravante Gelding grey Focus Bravo Focus Khatarina $12,000    04/14/06
Focus Valero Gelding Bay Focus Veejor Focus Khemisa $7,500    06/12/08
Focus Braveeta Mare Grey Focus Bravado Focus Aveeta private treaty    03/20/16
Focus Khatarina Mare Bay Focus Fanali Focus Khemadoll PT  bred to Focus Bravado  
Focus Khevallia Mare Grey Focus Veejor Focus Khemisa $5,000  open 06/30/09
Focus Kilani Mare Grey Focus Veejor Focus Lotapita $7,500    05/21/09
Focus Lotapita Mare bay Focus Bravo Focus Peralta $12,000    07/09/03
Focus Lovely Miss Mare bay Focus Bravado Focus Noble Love $3,500  open 08/09/12
Focus Pissant Mare Grey Focus Veejor Focus Khemille $15,000  Bred to Focus Veejin Bay 06/07/11
Focus Shalissa Mare Chestnut Focus Shali Focus Khachina $12,000  Bred to Focus Bravado  
Focus Tashanna Mare chestnut Focus Fanali Focus Tasha $12,000  Bred to Focus Valentino 06/06/02
Focus Veejah Mare grey Focus Veejor Focus Valiant Lady private treaty    06/10/16
Focus Veelour Mare bay Focus Veejor Focus Fascination $25,000  Bred to Focus Bravado 05/29/02
Focus Vinaya Mare Grey Focus Veejin Bay Focus Valencia $6,500    07/28/16
Focus Ali Oops Stallion Bay Focus Veejin Bay Focus Anastasia $5,000    05/27/16
Focus Apollo Stallion Chestnut Focus Valentino Focus Khatarina $900    06/25/11
Focus Avenjor Stallion Chestnut Focus Veejor Focus Tashanna $2,500    07/28/16
Focus Cassini Stallion Chestnut Focus Veejin Bay Focus Daniella $5,000    07/17/11
Focus Mi Amigo Stallion Grey Focus Veejin Bay Focus Kilani $5,000    05/27/16
Focus Orion Stallion Bay Focus Bravado Focus Veelour $8,500    06/23/11
Focus Pissario Stallion grey Focus Veejin Bay Focus Pissant xx,xxx    03/28/16
Focus Valencio Stallion Bay Focus Veejin Bay Focus Valencia $1,000    07/29/16
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