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Focus Veegente

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Focus Veegente
 Focus Veejor 
 Focus Fanali 
 Ruminaja Ali 
 Focus Fancy Lady 
 Focus Khemadoll 
 Focus Khemali 
 Focus Doella 
 Focus Peralta 
 Focus Fanali 
 Ruminaja Ali 
 Focus Fancy Lady 
 Focus Khemadeara 
 Focus Khemali 
 Indian Legacy 
Registered NameFocus Veegente
SireFocus Veejor  
Other offspring: Focus Audacious, Focus Aveeta, Focus Avenjor, Focus Kheanna, Focus Khevallia, Focus Kilani, Focus Pissant, Focus Valencia, Focus Valentino, Focus Valero, Focus Vanessa, Focus Veeanna, Focus Veeanna, Focus Veegus, Focus Veejah, Focus Veejette, Focus Veejin Bay, Focus Veejio, Focus Veelour, Focus Veesa, Focus Vejora, Focus Vieerro, Focus Voyager
DamFocus Peralta  
Other offspring: Focus Bravina, Focus Bravado, Focus Jaleesa, Focus Lotapita, Focus Valencia
Registration Number0636143  
Date of birth  
Date of death  
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